How do we mix our music??
Nasha doesn’t just switch CDs, we actually use high end digital turn tables so that you really get what
you’re paying for. Anyone can switch CDs back & forth… but we’ll create new beats, change the rhythm of the music, and liven up the party by mixing & scratching the night away on DJ turntables! Ask the other DJs, how do they mix their music??

The Nasha Challenge:

Nasha has one of the largest collections of Hindi &
Punjabi music in the Midwest. We challenge you to
find someone who has more Punjabi or Hindi beats
than Nasha. Everyone claims to play Hindi or
Punjabi music…but do they really have the new
stuff?? Come on, is 1942 A Love Story really new??
Quiz us on the phone, we can name the songs &
artists off the top of our heads. Can other DJs do
that?? Is Daler Mehndi really new Punjabi music??
NO! You want the absolute best traditional Punjabi
wedding with Boliyan, Dhol, and authentic old and
new Punjabi beats??? CALL US

Images shown on this page are of actual Nasha equipment

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